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Smart Wiring© technology may be used in any vehicle, or any system that uses 12V power. This includes auto, agricultural equipment and recreational vehicles. It replaces traditional multi-wire harnesses, relays, fuses, and flasher cans with solid-state, micro controller modules. Smart Wiring© products sense the current through an accessory and automatically shuts down the circuit in the case of a short circuit.

All modules are dust and vibration resistant. Input and data connectors are OEM grade and water proof.

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Pro Electric basic:

Taking orders now, call for details:

The Pro-Electric© basic is a single box that has 18 input and 18 solid state output circuits. Pro-Electric© basic does not need any fuses for the 18 outputs. Ultra fast real time current monitoring replaces the need for single use, slow; thermally activated fuses. Same high tech features as our previous systems but in a single box, now with more Value added features.

Pro Signal EXtended System:

Still Available - call us or contact your local builder for details:

Pro Signal Basic System:

Available now:

Most builders buy a commercial wiring kit for the fuse panel which contains pre wired flasher, turn and braking functions. The remainder of the fuse panel is mostly independent fused circuits. Now you have a choice on how to wire your vehicle, the Pro-Signal replaces those pre wired functions allowing you to wire your vehicle to your needs. With the Pro Signal Basic and a few fused circuits a vehicle can be quickly wired to your needs.

The Pro Signal Basic© consists of three modules, the Control Module has seven inputs and is mounted under the dash. Power-handling Output Modules are located at the front and back distributing power to lights.

The Pro Signal Basic© system controls left, right, front, rear turn signals, flasher functions, brake and park lights along with horn, dash indicators and back-up lights.

Download Pro Signal Basic user manual   

Pro Mono:

Available now:

Designed for ATVs, Golf Carts, Tractors and other short vehicles that need turn signals. Choose between self cancelling turn signals or use your mechanical turn cancelling.

The Pro Mono©  turn signal module has Smart Wiring solid state technology and controls left, right turn, flasher functions, brake and parking lights. Pro Mono© components may be used along-side legacy fuse systems to meet any vehicle wiring requirements. Pro Mono is a standalone unit.

Builders - ask about our Builders discount.

Smart Wiring© components may be used along-side legacy fuse systems to meet any vehicle wiring requirements.

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